1. What is a classified service?

A classified service is a service where you can promote, find, search, sell, purchase and communicate anything with a group of persons who might be interested in your niche.


2. Why do I need a classified service?

A classified service can help you boost your entire business leads flow. Moreover as this service is free and your advertisements do not get expired ever so you will get continuous exposure of online leads generation. Further as the himachalads.com is completely indexed by search engines, you will be having a sound online presence with your advertisements.


3. Why this website is offering free classifieds?

This is a pretty good question. But the answer is straight, we are offering free advertisement service because we are showing advertisements in our website itself, which are paying us for every click a customer make. One of the interesting thing is that, the advertisements made by you will never expire with us and stays alive always. So go for it and boost your business.


4. Do I need to have an account for using HimachalAds Services?

No you don’t need one but if you want a full control and easy publication of your advertisements we recommend you to register for an account which is a onetime process take hardly 30 seconds and also which is absolutely free.


5. How many advertisements I post on this website?

There is no upper ceiling of number of advertisements a user can post in HimachalAds.


6. I don’t see the category which is related to my business?

You can post the advertisements under ‘Others’ category. It doesn’t affect your position in the search engines, but remember to use detailed description in text fields and always use at least 2 images in the advertisement for better indexing.


7. I have post an advertisement but it is not posted in the website homepage?

Sometimes our system detects spam and automatically blocks the content based on several factors like number of attempts, email mentioned, categories selected, titles, text etc. But you don’t have to worry, because we will manually review and post your advertisement on website within 8 hours.


8. What does the website name ‘Himachal-Ads’ means?

Himachal Ads is originated in the north Indian state known as Himachal Pradesh. We have taken the word Himachal from the state name and added Ads to it. It’s that simple isn’t?!


9. Can I use the links to third party or external website from HimachalAds?

You are free to link anything from HimachalAds. We are here to promote your business but always make sure the content posted by you should not be illegal, copyrighted, obscene or abusive.


10. What platform is used by this website?

This website is running on dedicated Host of BlueHost and powered by OS-Class.





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